About Me

When I was a kid, I desperately wanted to be Lois Lane. Not because I had a crush on Superman. I didn’t. Because I coveted her job. Crack reporter. Able to snoop around and get information others couldn’t. I’m a snoop and a blabber at heart. Not a Gladys Kravitz sort, but a finding and sharing information type.

The Very Handsome Luke taking it in.

The very handsome Luke listening with a smile on his face.

Working for a newspaper was my dream job since forever. For more than 20 years my byline has landed not above hard-boiled news, but rather in the food and living sections of newspapers. In other words — fluff. Sorry, Lois.

Born in France, raised in California, I came by my love of cooking and food honestly. Early on, I snagged a gig as a restaurant reviewer and food writer in California. At about the same time, on a dare from a good friend, I found myself teaching filled-to-capacity French cooking classes, which I still do on occasion. Easy French. I don’t like following multi-page recipes, so I simplified without sacrificing the integrity of the dishes.

You’ll find many of my recipes here. Some will be French-inspired dishes, but I’ll also pass along food tips, advice and recipes that go far beyond France. I’ll also offer cooking tip videos — anything to encourage you to cook.

Cheesecake embellished with dark and white chocolate and edible gold.

Cheesecake embellished with dark and white chocolate and edible gold.

Wanderlust sent me to Atlanta where, for more than a decade, I wrote several weekly consumer-related columns for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s Buyer’s Edge section, which had me testing, reviewing and introducing new products. I’m passionate about product testing, then letting readers, friends, neighbors — anyone who’ll sit still long enough — in on my findings. Snoop and blab. I’ve tested everything from As Seen On TV gadgets and pet supplies to mascara, food, toys and tech items.

My iPad 2 cannot live without its Satechi R1 arm hinge holder stand, and I cannot live without my iPad 2.

My iPad 2 cannot live without its Satechi R1 arm hinge holder stand, and I cannot live without my iPad 2.

At Chez Sabine, I’ll continue to review and introduce you to new products. Some of which you shouldn’t live without and others you really need to steer clear of and not waste your money.

Years of writing Eyecatchers, which introduced readers to the latest fashion and beauty trends for The AJC’s style page, solidified my love of makeup, hair products and all types of gorgeous fragrances. You’ll see the latest and greatest in Pretty Please. Oh, and let me introduce you to my signature fragrance. I love a lot of perfumes, but COCO is my if-I-had-only-one-fragrance-I-could-wear-for-the-rest-of-my-life. Makes buying gifts for me a breeze.

COCO by Chanel perfume


I currently write the quirky Where Can I Find It column each week for The AJC’s Buyer’s Edge. This fun column has me chasing items readers can’t find. You wouldn’t believe what people request. I’ve located everything from a military jeep and Zagnut candy bars to custom mixed lipstick and the naked chicken wearing the bowler hat seen over the fireplace on Alton Brown’s Good Eats.

In Atlanta, I was flipping a few houses on the side, and when the market tanked, I started giving California another look when property prices near the beach dropped dramatically. I’m back, ensconced in a fixer with what I thought was a hopeless interior, and loaded with plenty of DIY advice and tips. And I’ll include some dramatic transformations that will give you hope for your own place. Wait until I show you the unreal after to this before photo.

Walls tumbled and wires dangled as the little kitchen grew.

Walls tumbled and wires dangled as the little kitchen grew.

New IKEA kitchen

New IKEA kitchen (DIY)

My home is ruled by a pair of German shepherds, Dexter and Luke. They deserve a category because these guys are a big part of my daily life. I even cook for them. They amuse and teach me invaluable lessons. These scoundrels are fun and infuriating, and you need to meet them.

Dexter and Luke, my goofy German shepherds

Dexter and Luke, my goofy German shepherds

While I love luxury, I avoid paying retail whenever possible, including when I travel. I’ll share with you great bargain travel tips and virtual tours, and I hope you’ll do the same.

Thank you for stopping by Chez Sabine, and please stay around. I’m eager to blab about what I’ve snooped — and to hear your thoughts.


6 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. drmaryk said:

    I am so excited about your blog! I have been a big fan of your “Where Can I Find It” articles and the reviews you done in the AJC. Thanks for giving us more of Sabine!!!!!
    Signed….big fan in Atlanta!

  2. I am loving this blog!! Keep it up! I learn something new every day, in addition to being entertained.

  3. Deya Araiza said:

    Love it all. So where is the unreal after to the before photo?

    • All in good time. I’ve got to organize so that they’ll make sense. I have a terrific project to show soon. Can you say turn the window into a French door? I’m so glad you’re reading. Thank you!

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