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While I’m not a big fan of raisins, I do love dried cranberries and prunes. And I realize that the word prune is about as sexy as I am with a towel wrapped around my head, a yogurt/honey facial mask dripping down my chin and tissue wadded between my toes during a DIY spa day.

It’s not pretty but, remember, according to some boors, prunes are what women end up looking like after a certain age. That’s why the marketing folks now have us calling prunes dried plums.

Seriously, there was research done showing that women between 24 and 54 “responded more favorably to the name dried plums.” However, women in other parts of the world have no such hang ups because a prune is still a prune in Paris or Addis Ababa.

Moniker aside, I was interested when I heard that Sunsweet, the big kahuna when it comes to dried plums – the fruit formerly known as prunes – launched a line of baked goods starring the dried purple fruit. The company offers cakes, cookies and assorted sweets, but it was the Healthy Plum Amazin Purple Country Bread that caught my eye.

Truthfully, I don’t eat a lot of sliced bread, but once in a while, it’s nice to have a piece of toast. And when I make chicken salad, I like to pair it with an interesting bread, and often one with a slightly sweet component. So, I took a loaf of the purple bread for a spin. Check out my review:

Sunsweet Healthy Plum Amazin Purple Country Bread, $4.99 for a 28-ounce loaf at Costco. Plum Amazin refers to Sunsweet diced dried plums, which are marketed like raisins and dried cranberries.

First look: If Willy Wonka had gone into the baking biz instead of making candy, I suspect that he would have concocted a loaf of bread that looked like Sunsweet Purple Country Bread.

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Each slice contains 90 calories, 2 fat grams, 115 milligrams sodium, 17 carb grams and 2 sugar grams. Ingredients that give the bread its blush include dried plums, purple wheat and purple corn flours.

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Good news: Along with bits of dried plums, the bread is studded with seeds, including sunflower, flax and millet, and topped with oat flakes, giving it plenty of chewy texture. I like the slightly dense feel and the fact that it’s still a moist bread. For me, the problem with some of the other “healthy” breads is that they tend to be dry.

While there’s an element of sweetness to the bread, it pairs beautifully with chicken salad and other slightly savory fillings. And it’s not too sweet that it would be considered overkill for a PB&J. I want to say that kids would like this bread on color alone, but then I realize that some kids are pretty narrow-minded when it comes to food.

Purple Country Bread makes excellent toast. I didn’t feel the need to add any jam. I’m not a breakfast person, so a 90-calorie, no fuss quickie breakfast works for me.

Bad news: The biggest problem I see with this bread is that it’s new and has limited distribution.

Last words: If you can find Sunsweet Purple Country Bread, I think you’ll like it. Let me know.

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