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I know that the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas is finally winding down because, this morning, the last day of the show, my email inbox is getting some much needed rest after this week’s avalanche from the eager PR folks in attendance who want to share their clients’ shiny new gadgets. And I love gadgets, shiny or not, so plowing through the latest and greatest from the comfort on my home has been fun. And it’s lovely not having to deal with the hangovers, nor do I have to wonder how much filthy lucre I left behind at the casinos when it’s all said and done. Listen, before I start sounding positively puritan, put together a Vegas road trip and I’m there.

Easily the shiniest gadget of them all at CES, literally, debuts from Bling My Thing, the Berlin-based company that loves to bedazzle your mobile accessories. Meet the Extravaganza Collection.


Designed by Ayano Kimura, the new collections: SKULLS, MINIMALIST+ and STUDS, offer edgy and elegant looks that let you rock your phones or tablets in high style.

For instance, the SKULLS cover clads your device with more than 200 hand-embedded Swarovski Elements – crystals that go beyond just faceted cuts. Color combinations include a black background with either red or purple skull and crossbones.


My favorite is the MINIMALIST+.


This crystal clear case sports a futuristic look and comes from sustainable bio-resin for a glassy look that resists scratches. Your iPhone will still look like its true self but wrapped in a nearly invisible force field.

And, finally, there’s the STUDS that’s, well, studded with Swarovski Crystal Pearls that imitate the real deal.


While they may look delicate, these lustrous pearls are resistant to scratches, cleaning and, according to the designer, even perfume.

The STUDS, SKULL and MINIMALIST+ Collections will be available on Amazon.com and range in price from $34.99 to $99.99.

What do you think? Would you spring for one of these? I ask this, but, truthfully, my phone, which isn’t totally dumb, but not all that much of a genius, either, goes commando.