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ChezSabine Nov2 025

I don’t know about you, but I take my coffee pretty seriously. Since I drink it black, I prefer rich, assertive flavors without any trace of bitterness. Oh, and I like it almost waiting for me
as soon as I drag myself out of bed. And that’s where the Keurig brewer has served me so well. I’m such an avid fan that not only have I purchased Keurig for friends, but there’s also a unit sitting in my guest room in case my overnight company
needs a bit of hot chocolate, tea or cider before going to bed. Or, if they like to get up at crack o’ tweet, they won’t have to wake the dogs – a noisy, unpleasant affair – to get their first cup of the day.

ChezSabine Nov2 024

I have an issue with Keurig that has nothing to do with the brewer itself but, rather, those expensive K-Cups. I’m always looking for a deal, without compromising flavor. And I’ve set the bar pretty high because my gold standard these days is Starbuck’s French Roast Dark, which is just about the perfect cup of joe for me. But, it’s pricey.

Not long ago, I reviewed the affordable San Francisco French Roast K-Cups I found at Costco. And, now, Costco recently started stocking Kirkland Signature Pacific Bold dark roast coffee, extra bold K-Cups.  So, I gave them a try. My review follows.  

Kirkland Signature Pacific Bold dark roast coffee, extra bold K-Cups, 37.99 for a box of 100 K-Cups at Costco and through Costco.com.

First look: Made with 100-percent premium Arabica beans, Pacific Bold is dark roasted for the perfect balance of smoky and sweet, according to Costco. The K-Cups come in a case of 100.

ChezSabine Nov2 023

Good news: The price is certainly attractive at 38-cents per cup. Pacific Bold offers up smooth coffee flavor without bitterness. For me, an 8-ounce cup gives the best coffee punch and accentuates the bold aspect of this coffee. A 10-ounce mug doesn’t wimp out and works well as my second cup, when the fog has cleared a bit. You’ll get minimal sediment on the bottom of your cup. I find that, unlike filtered coffee, most K-Cups will leave a little residue.

Bad news: I’m afraid that if you want to fill a travel mug over 10 ounces, you’ll be disappointed if you’re expecting a bracing cup of java. Pacific Bold gets downright timid beyond the 10-ounce mark. Of course, that’s not a problem if you prefer your coffee with less oomph.

Last words: Good enough for most days, but I’m still snatching up boxes of Starbuck’s French Roast Dark when I find it on sale.

So, now that Kirkland Signature Pacific Bold K-Cups have been out for a short while, has anybody reading tried them? If so, what do you think? Would you purchase them again? Let me know!