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So, the big day is next week, and while it means plenty of fun with friends and family, let’s not kid ourselves. If you’re in charge of the meal, then it’s also a time of stress and a big dose of hard work.

I’ve got a couple of items for you that should make it a little easier all around.

The rack:

First, let me introduce you to the very clever Cuisipro Roast & Serve Rack.

cuisipro rack

This non-stick rack allows you to easily and securely take up to a 25-pound gobbler from the roasting pan to the serving platter without a mishap. Not only is the rack designed with easy to grip handles, but the game changing feature is the pin that simply slips out and allows the two sides of the rack come apart. The rack, which I think is a bargain at $19.99, stacks for easy storage, but it’s also handy for roasts, so you’ll be using it throughout the year. It fits inside a roasting pan that measures 16 inches by 13 inches.



You can find the rack at Bed Bath & Beyond, amazon and kitchen shops.

The baster:

I don’t know about you, but I’m so over those cheap grocery store basters that melt at the first hint of heat. But what really makes me crazy about them is that it’s often easier to get a Rubik’s Cube color coordinated than to pop the rubber bulb onto the baster after cleaning. I tend to swear a lot when I deal with my turkey basters. Don’t be me.


Check out the Cuisipro 3-in-1 Baster made with sturdy BPA-free Tritan material that won’t melt under pressure. This large baster holds nearly two ounces of liquid and includes two attachments. It comes with a silicone brush so you can mop your bird if you’re inclined. A separate spray head showers the bird with basting liquid. However, you also can use it as a traditional baster if you have herbs and other items in your liquid that won’t pass through the small holes in the shower head. Oh, and my favorite part of this baster? It’s designed with a screw-on bulb. Yes! What took so long?

Available for about $23 at amazon.