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Cinnamon Bundt 031

I know, I know. Two Bundt cake recipes in two weeks? It’s not writer’s block, it’s just that when you’ve got house guests, and one of them says that she enjoys a little something sweet after her meal, well, you want to keep her in cake. She’s from Ohio, 80-ish, adorable and visiting California for the first time. And Luke and Dexter love playing tug of war with her each morning.


We quickly ran out of the Old-Fashioned Cocktail Bundt Cake, which she seemed to take a liking to. And I hadn’t yet found a permanent resting place for the pretty fleur de lis Bundt cake pan I recently bought, so another go at a Bundt cake seemed practical.

I wanted to make a cake that would stay fresh for several days and one that would be perfect after a meal, and for snacking throughout the day. I love coffee cake, and this Bundt cake brings to mind a cinnamon-spiked version that’s dressed up with browned butter and a little sticky vanilla caramel.

And since it was clearly turning into a winning recipe, I decided mid way through the process that the cake needed its own blog post.

It also needed a name. I’m dubbing it Buttermilk Spice Bundt Cake with Sticky Caramel. This lightly spiced cake boasts a moist, cinnamony ribbon running through the center.

Cinnamon Bundt 039

I knew it was a killer cake when someone commented that she could smell the warm aromas from the front yard as it was baking. That’s a seriously fragrant cake.

Have you noticed that many Bundt cake recipes use a similar formula? About 3 cups of flour, 3 eggs, 2 cups of white sugar and 2 sticks of sweet butter.

I find that 2 cups of sugar isn’t really necessary, so I cut it back to 1-and-1/2. It doesn’t affect the texture of the cake, and it’s still sweet, but not overly so. A lot of cakes seem to be on sugar overload and that just masks the flavors. Also, for this cake, I used dark brown sugar, which I think makes for a more moist cake, and is especially suitable for a cinnamon caramely cake. And rather than using room temperature butter, I browned it – a nutty complement to the brown sugar.

Within three days, this cake was but a sticky memory.

Cinnamon Bundt 037

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