In the interest of full disclosure, I swiped this clever method of separating the yolk from the egg white from a Chinese YouTube video. Where this person found it, I have no idea because I couldn’t understand a word she said. For all I know, she’s explaining that she got this method from an Amish housewife. If you understand Mandarin, Cantonese or Wu, please feel free to translate.

I had to know if it worked as easily as it looked. It does. You can check out my video at the end of this post.

Let’s face it, you should have fun in the kitchen, and separating eggs has never been such a blast. Or mess-free.

I used a basic plastic water bottle, and simply squeezed it and let the suction pluck the yolk from the white. I think kids would have a ball helping in the kitchen with this chore that you can turn into a game. Just make sure that you squeeze the bottle well enough to get as much suction as possible or you risk the yolk breaking mid-suck. But you’ll find that the yolk is pretty resilient; don’t be afraid.

So, go grab some eggs and a water bottle, and let me know how it goes. Have fun!