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Get ready to revoke my green card because I’m going to say something pretty darn unpatriotic.

Apple pie is easily my least favorite dessert.

To the point that I’d rather not have any dessert if that’s the only offering. Flaccid apples enveloped with raisin-studded goo flavored with cinnamon is about the most unappealing pie filling I can imagine. Having said that, one of my favorite flavors is that of a French apple tart. The difference being exactly what? — you ask yourself.

Well, everything. That’s all.

Bite into a French apple tart and your taste buds are immediately met with the friendly smack of sweet butter, quickly followed by the slightly sweet flavor of just-picked apples. That’s pretty much who’s at the flavor party. Fruit and butter. That’s a combination that’s nearly impossible to argue with. And throw in the fact that it’s foolproof and ridiculously easy to prepare. And did I fail to mention that it looks as if you picked it up at the local patisserie? Well, it does.

French Apple Tart 077