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Gift, obviously.

And I give you this bit of fluff today because it’s been a crazy week with computer virus woes, out of town guests and the wedding of my oldest friend’s son. (We became friends in jr. high. Jeez, it’s not even called that anymore.) Oh, and a new computer that took the place of the virus-stricken one.

Let me not forget to tell you about this virus or whatever it is. And I feel that I should point out that I’ve had a computer since 1996 and this is my first disaster. I hope it’s going to be my last. I foolishly opened an attachment from a phony U.S. Post Office email regarding a package. Yeah, I sound like a dolt. But, in my defense, I am acutely aware of these scams and never open these types of emails. But, there were extenuating circumstances.

Just a few days before the devilish email wormed its way into my inbox, I shipped a birthday gift to my brother in London. It was the first time I ever shipped to that address, and I did fill out a customs form and included my email address. So, paying attention to that email made sense. And as I clicked on the attachment, I realized, too late, that there were some grammatical errors in the email. So, I Googled and found that it was indeed a scam and a virus. So, be aware, and don’t do what I did. Just delete without getting all personal and involved with the thing.

And I have Carbonite, so the good news is that my files and photos have been backed up and restored. But it took a couple of days to get them installed on the new computer.

The really rotten news is that Carbonite doesn’t back up your videos unless you physically make it happen. I didn’t know that, and I think the folks at Carbonite should perhaps highlight that extremely important piece of information. I, for one, would have loved to have known before the disaster hit. I have many videos, and some of them even are blog-related, meaning that they’re earmarked to use in future blogs.

All is not lost because my infected computer has taken pity on me and actually turned on when I plugged it back in after realizing it was the only place where my videos were housed. So, what I’ve started doing is putting each video on flash drives. It’s a tedious process but it’s better than losing hours of vacation film, tutorials (you do want to know how to steam artichokes, don’t you?) and, naturally, Luke and Dexter being clownish and maddening.

But, I also have to devote time to guests and the upcoming beach wedding. So, I’m leaving you with the pretty gift wrapping that I put together this morning after a trip to the fabric store for yards of netting. A tip: I found that petticoat netting at Jo-Ann Fabric costs less per yard than regular netting and it’s a bit stiffer, which is what I want for bows.

So, enjoy the frilly package and we’ll return to our regular programming next week. And if you have your own virus story or pretty gift wrapping, please share. It’s a Friday free-for-all.

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