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Kiehl’s has been creating fragrances since 1851 and, at the time, it was known as an apothecary. Along with blended oils, including my favorite Kiehl’s Original Musk Oil, the company also touts high-quality skin care products. Now the New York-based company is taking you on a trip around the world with a new range of “purposeful” fragrances.

While that may sound terribly exotic, and on some level it is, there’s an appealing simplicity to Kiehl’s new line that comes from using fewer ingredients, but with a higher proportion of the key components.

The four new Aromatic Blends come as a sulfate-free skin-softening body cleanser ($24), a silicone-free skin-softening body lotion ($26) and fragrant aromatic mist, $40 to $75.


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The idea behind the line is to take you on an olfactory journey to the origin of the key ingredients’ sources.

For instance, the smoky and warm Vanilla-and-Cedarwood fragrance gets its vanilla oil from a community in Uganda where Kiehl’s works through a fair-trade program.

Subtle and soft, Orange Flower-and-Lychee finds its signature scent through the Bitter Orange flower that comes from a tree native to Morocco.

Nashi Blossom-and-Pink Grapefruit teams the delicate flower of pear trees that bloom in many of Kyoto’s traditional Japanese gardens with Brazil’s citrusy and sassy pink grapefruit.

And, finally, Fig Leaf-and-Sage brings to mind the earthy perfume of Provence with its clean green notes from figs and a bright herbaceous quality from Northern Mediterranean sage.

If you prefer a light, natural touch when it comes to your fragrances, then check out Kiehl’s new line, which hits counters in July.

If you end up with a favorite, let me know. I’m pretty fond of the Fig Leaf-and-Sage, but could easily be swayed by Vanilla-and-Cedarwood.