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LUSH first came onto my life about five years ago in Carmel. I walked out of my hotel and started the slow meandering toward my favorite breakfast joint in the village when my eyes were lured away from my course by a gorgeous window display. It looked as if it were decorated with rainbow-tinted meringues. It was LUSH, and it immediately drew me in.

Fresh handmade cosmetics. I was sold. Fizzy bath bombs, slices of aromatic soaps studded with herbs and flowers. And KARMA. I immediately fell in love with all permutations of KARMA, that heady mingling of orange flower and patchouli.

Since that day, I’ve loved all things LUSH.

So, when LUSH comes out with a limed-edition kit that promises fabulous feet for summer, I’m in.


Happy Feet is available at all LUSH stores and online while supplies last. Priced at $24.95.

Happy Feet comes as an adorable kit held together by a summery little cotton wrap. Perfect as a treat for you or as a gift for a lucky recipient.

Inside, you’ll find a Geo Phyzz bath bomb that lets you soak your feet while taking in the soothing combination of pine, sandalwood and cypress.

Next, move on to Volcano foot mask formulated with kaolin, fresh papaya and lemon juices to get your feet squeaky clean.

As if that weren’t enough pampering, your tootsies now can get an invigorating scrub with the foot-shaped Stepping Stone, a citrusy pumice-and-sea salt scrubby that softens rough skin with jojoba oil and cocoa butter.

Finally, end on a minty note with Fair Trade foot lotion loaded with organic cocoa butter, spearmint and peppermint.

Now, your happy feet are ready to rock your skimpiest sandals this weekend.