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I’m a devoted M.A.C fan when it comes to nail polish. Or, if you want to get technical about it, nail lacquers, which sound as if they belong in the garage, next to the paint thinner. Nail lacquer just doesn’t roll off of my tongue quite as smoothly as nail polish. Call it what you will, but M.A.C polish always gives me plenty of color choices and it has terrific staying power, so I don’t have to worry about touch-ups. Once sandal season hits, my toes start blooming with bright, shiny tints.

And, on an even more practical note, I appreciate the straight-up design of the bottles and the chubby, non-slip caps. Makes application easy.

So, I’m thrilled that M.A.C is rolling out 31 new nail colors in three finishes. You can select from rich creams, subtle frosty shimmers and in-your-face-gotta-hit-the-clubs glittery pearls. You’ll get an early peek at Nordstrom starting July 5, then they’ll join the permanent line in M.A.C stores on August 2. M.A.C polishes will set you back $16.

I’m picking Morange as my favorite. Yours?

Just let your mouse hover over the bottle to see the color name.

M·A·CNaiLacquer-Anti-Fashion-300     M·A·CNaiLacquer-CoffeeBreak-300

M·A·CNaiLacquer-DarkAngel-300   M·A·CNaiLacquer-DeepSea-300

M·A·CNaiLacquer-Delicate-300             M·A·CNaiLacquer-Discothéque-300

M·A·CNaiLacquer-FaintOfHeart-300       M·A·CNaiLacquer-Fiestaware-300

M·A·CNaiLacquer-FlamingRose-300           M·A·CNaiLacquer-Formidable-300

M·A·CNaiLacquer-GirlAboutTown-300       M·A·CNaiLacquer-GirlTrouble-300

M·A·CNaiLacquer-Impassioned-300         M·A·CNaiLacquer-Mean&Green-300

M·A·CNaiLacquer-MidnightTryst-300      M·A·CNaiLacquer-Morange-300

M·A·CNaiLacquer-Nightfall-300       M·A·CNaiLacquer-Nocturnelle-300

M·A·CNaiLacquer-Overlacquer-300            M·A·CNaiLacquer-QuietTime-300

M·A·CNaiLacquer-RougeMarie-300        M·A·CNaiLacquer-SaintGermain-300

M·A·CNaiLacquer-ScreamingBright-300       M·A·CNaiLacquer-Skin-300

M·A·CNaiLacquer-Snob-300       M·A·CNaiLacquer-Soirée 300

M·A·CNaiLacquer-SparksOnScreen-300          M·A·CNaiLacquer-SpiritOfTruth-300

M·A·CNaiLacquer-Steamy-300          M·A·CNaiLacquer-VintageVamp-300

All images are from M.A.C.